My thoughts about SMOSH/Defy Media shutting down

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 7, 2018
  • Here's everything I've been avoiding talking about regarding Smosh's parent company, Defy Media.Everyone I used to work with at Smosh are incredibly talented and sweet people. They didn't deserve to be treated like this.Thank you for listening and subscribing and continuing to show so much love through everything we've been through.The article about Defy Media shutting down:’s message:


  • J Anonymous  8 months ago

    Smosh was better when it was a fun hobby between friends and not a company with employees. Turning it into a product ruined it.

  • I don’t exactly agree but I can say it’s not as good as it was before defy bought it but still it’s good (that’s my opinion anyway)

  • SammyDoesNotExist_  6 months ago

    The fact they got $0 after selling Smosh making me even more triggered...

  • Mitchell Herbert  16 hours ago

    Yup... That's a lot of millions down the drain that could of gone to a lot better stuff then what it did

  • dacypher22  29 days ago

    SammyDoesNotExist_ Yep, it is a real face-palm situation. But they were young guys who didn't know any better. They didn't bring professionals in to vet the deal and this is the kind of thing that can happen. And companies involved in any type of media are known for being snakes that live off of tricking people into giving away their creations through complex contracts that you need a lawyer to attempt to understand. But it is surprising that they signed on the line with no cash being exchanged. That p...

  • Yash Ghanate  7 months ago

    So they basically destroyed everything smosh had built...

  • Katherine Poole  26 days ago


  • Hal Jordan  1 months ago


  • Captainzero5637  7 months ago

    Oh I missed the old days when Pewdiepie was the T-series of SmoshEdit: THANKS FOR THE 1 K LIKES!!!

  • @GAMING LEGEND Same. I still like old smosh but I dont really see the hate for new smosh

  • GAMING LEGEND  28 days ago

    @The Emerald Warriors Yeah, true. I was kinda late in watching Smosh, I only started watching them in 2013

  • MYST_ SPIRIT  6 months ago

    I want Anthony, Ian, Ian’s mom, that one camera guy, and there old house back to make the good smash videos that made me laugh and made me happy.THANKS FOR ALL THE LIKES!!!!!!!!

  • I got you 1k likes hehe

  • Satvik Chen.Music  8 months ago

    *Me trying to lie*Mom: why are you coming home so late?Me: because of market conditions

  • Spcy Tea  1 months ago

    detective: What was your motive for the murderMurder: because of market conditions

  • NoName  8 months ago

    New popular meme!

  • pollodormido2  7 months ago

    Get an attorney to check the papers. You might be able to sue!

  • Luca Hacks  2 months ago

    sue what? defy media is dead!

  • XxxPLa5ma GamingxxX  3 months ago


  • Kpop Kookie Lover  7 months ago

    Ian - Anthony - Stevie - Food fight Host - Ian's Mom - Smosh Friends The best Cast ever was.

  • xXCoolMaverickXx  19 days ago

    F*ck off stevie

  • Flash  20 days ago

    Peter Peter

  • Randy Garcia  5 months ago

    Look at matpats video now! Stand up to the lies Anthony! Help them

  • Alexandra Grozea  18 days ago


  • DrunkenWiggle Plays  1 months ago

    @Anna333 oh word? Do some research this is false, Mattpatt isn't like that at all.

  • Entity420 Rohan  7 months ago

    I Want The Teleporting Fat Guy To Take Me To The Past And Fix Smosh

  • Mecanica Joker  1 months ago

    I am black orange