Gordon HATES EVERYTHING He's Served | Kitchen Nightmares

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 2, 2018


  • A Vsaucy Boi  9 months ago

    I loved the camera men for doing those camera shakes, we should get that more often

  • Katie Auld  4 days ago

    This comment has more likes then there are comments in the whole comment section

  • Elvick  7 days ago

    That was my favorite part of The Office.

  • hi im garbage  10 months ago

    The dishes were so bad Lisa turned vegetarian because of them

  • Wade Wilson  18 days ago

    DumbDuck44 pretty sure there was one episode where he cleaned a plate of ribs that didn’t have the best presentation and loved them. so you’re idea is stupid one.

  • Josefa bugeja  22 days ago


  • Melancholy Milla  7 months ago

    "Im a vegetarian"Most people: "ok"Gordon: "wow. bizarre"

  • nebrasca  6 days ago

    The point is, Gordon wasn't judging her being vegetarian he found weird that a vegetarian owns a mostly-meat-restaurant. He ain't a jerk 🙄🙄🙄

  • Matt Nar  7 days ago

    @Aladino Asbury I agree with the rest but milking a cow does harm an animal, to start producing milk they need to give birth, those calves do not get long and happy lives. It's quite horrific when you really start looking into it.

  • panory britz  6 months ago

    He got the fact the owner and bar manager were dating immediately

  • animatiz  13 hours ago

    leighten Blake You dullard 😂. How was his comment showing envy when it’s clearly true. That mic in Gordon’s ear you see on some episodes is another advantage on Gordon’s fast thinking you love so much too eh? 😂.

  • Kristina  5 days ago

    He's a scorpio. They see right through you

  • MrNosegrindskater  1 years ago

    Camera men. "no thanks. I don't get paid enough to get food poisoning "

  • Amanda Morse  16 days ago

    He can't die today because he has court tomorrow

  • David hatcher  3 months ago


  • lightyagami77777  1 months ago

    "Gordon hates everything he's served"I, too, am familiar with the premise of the show.

  • andy  4 days ago

    XenoglossalgiA and then everyone clapped!

  • @XenoglossalgiA I call BS

  • Ani Vai  10 months ago

    What the hell is the owner wearing? This ain’t a nightclub!

  • rohit gill  17 hours ago

    She lowkey looks like Ava Addams

  • rajesh kannan  4 days ago

    It's her business though 😬

  • Vonte Sylvain  10 months ago

    Pearl friends: it taste like dish water Sqidward: it is dish water Server: he said it taste like frozen tunaChef: it is frozen tuna

  • Rahul S  10 days ago

    Vonte Sylvain my mystic ability: i can hear memes😂😂😂 and this is one of them😂

  • Ava Thibault  3 months ago


  • paul grape  4 months ago

    "How are you?""DAMIEEN"Best conversation ever.

  • kreen  16 days ago

    @Zuza J umm not really because they have different accents and the american guy probably didnt understand that well

  • Zuza J  16 days ago

    I thought it's me who don't get English now XD Apparently everything ok with me, just Americans don't know their language

  • Rishabh Vailaya  2 months ago

    Hey, how are you?*PRISCILLA*Young man, how are you?*DAMIAN*

  • The_ Shortski  5 days ago

    They probably got mixed up and thought he said who are you

  • Rishabh Vailaya  25 days ago

    @SamPlushyFive umm what?