How Japan’s Lost Decade created Pokémon | Economic collapse + healing boom = Pocket Monsters?

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 28, 2018
  • Pokémon came from a surprisingly sad period of Japan's history, but that inspiration made the game what it is today.

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  • Joseph DeDoncker
    Joseph DeDoncker  2 months ago +1

    How were some of those scary

  • obby .png
    obby .png  3 months ago

    I feel it's really important to mention that this "healing boom" and desire for closeness wasn't the main reason that Satoshi Tajiri liked collecting bugs so much. Tajiri is autistic, and had a special interest in collecting bugs, so he just expanded his interests by merging it with another special interest of his, game design.

  • Patricia isha Sebastian
    Patricia isha Sebastian  4 months ago +1

    I love Pokemon 😭

  • Christine Huff
    Christine Huff  9 months ago

    just cried a tiiiiny bit

  • Cardboard Stacker
    Cardboard Stacker  10 months ago

    "iyashi" was pronounced wrong.

  • Nido Hime
    Nido Hime  11 months ago +2

    Don't you mean "e-yashi"?

  • stewartthehuman
    stewartthehuman  a years ago

    Shoutouts to Game Centre CX!

  • Schuyler Dade
    Schuyler Dade  a years ago +1

    I wonder how many people with social anxiety were turned off by the requirement to trade. To quote Griffin McElroy, "It was easier to buy two gameboys than to make one friend."

  • Henry Joseph
    Henry Joseph  a years ago

    Good writing

  • TheTrueSir0Robin
    TheTrueSir0Robin  a years ago

    How are there 35 people who did not like this, even if you don't like the game it is still an interesting way that Japan overcame eccinomoc instability.

  • Hi There
    Hi There  a years ago +2

    When the video ended, I literally sighed, got up, got a glass of water, and returned to my desk to sit up straight. Thanks for that, for real. <3

  • segadc sa98
    segadc sa98  a years ago

    Oh no!! What happened to the right side of your hair?!

  • Sacre Baikal
    Sacre Baikal  a years ago

    I really do hate to be that person.

    But the pronunciation to use.. a bit more practice.

  • Richard Andrews
    Richard Andrews  a years ago +1

    I think you're really reaching on this video.

  • LunaTwi01
    LunaTwi01  a years ago +3

    Do-rey-mon? It's Do-rah-eh-mon.

  • WhiteKnight 114
    WhiteKnight 114  a years ago

    Does she have to show her face 🤢

  • Javon The Don
    Javon The Don  a years ago

    Sooooo basically Pokémon saved Japan

  • Josh Benson
    Josh Benson  a years ago +1

    I wouldn't know what to do if
    Pokemon never existed and gotten me through all of the tough times in my life

  • the gaming doggo
    the gaming doggo  a years ago

    I got a Pokemon ad on this video

  • John Gottschalk
    John Gottschalk  a years ago

    Getting a real Vsauce vibe from your video essays, Jenna! It's not quite my favorite, but interesting to see you experiment with other formats at polygon.