How Japan’s Lost Decade created Pokémon | Economic collapse + healing boom = Pocket Monsters?

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 28, 2018
  • Pokémon came from a surprisingly sad period of Japan's history, but that inspiration made the game what it is today.It's Pokégon week! is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Pokemon Red & Blue all week long with tons of stories, retrospectives, and more: to our YouTube channel! us on Facebook: us on Twitter: us on Instagram: for more gaming and entertainment coverage, visit


  • jacq z
    jacq z  10 months ago +63

    luv this new jenna content!!!! also the reminder about posture because i was literally hunched over like a gremlin with a leg on my desk and my foot on my chair.

  • McKnightlíght
    McKnightlíght  10 months ago +89

    You guys should change your thumbnails. The pink border makes it look like I've already watched the video because it is similar in color to the red bar that appears under a watch video.

  • mitkitty
    mitkitty  10 months ago +25

    Pokemon helps me fight depression and meet people, so the healing continues to this day. Thanks Pokemon :)

  • Ross Llewallyn
    Ross Llewallyn  10 months ago +9

    Nice touch with the Poke Center healing chimes at the end.

  • red teen mario
    red teen mario  10 months ago +8

    thank u polygon gods for captioning ur videos

  • ThePilgrums
    ThePilgrums  10 months ago +17

    "an interviewer" how DARE you insult the Kacho like this!

  • Edwin Contreras
    Edwin Contreras  10 months ago +31

    nothing like blood sport and trophy hunting to relieve anxiety!

  • andrineslife
    andrineslife  10 months ago +25

    Yay Jenna content!

  • Michael Nelson
    Michael Nelson  10 months ago +4

    Pikachu is cute but it's creepy seeing them all lined up like that.

  • Josh Benson
    Josh Benson  10 months ago +1

    I wouldn't know what to do if
    Pokemon never existed and gotten me through all of the tough times in my life

  • Nido Hime
    Nido Hime  7 months ago +2

    Don't you mean "e-yashi"?

  • LunaTwi01
    LunaTwi01  10 months ago +3

    Do-rey-mon? It's Do-rah-eh-mon.

  • Hi There
    Hi There  9 months ago +1

    When the video ended, I literally sighed, got up, got a glass of water, and returned to my desk to sit up straight. Thanks for that, for real. <3

  • KJ Sweet
    KJ Sweet  10 months ago +5

    i'm crying?

  • Richard Andrews
    Richard Andrews  10 months ago +1

    I think you're really reaching on this video.

  • Cardboard Stacker
    Cardboard Stacker  7 months ago

    "iyashi" was pronounced wrong.

  • Sacre Baikal
    Sacre Baikal  10 months ago

    I really do hate to be that person.
    But the pronunciation to use.. a bit more practice.

  • stewartthehuman
    stewartthehuman  8 months ago

    Shoutouts to Game Centre CX!

  • Schuyler Dade
    Schuyler Dade  8 months ago +1

    I wonder how many people with social anxiety were turned off by the requirement to trade. To quote Griffin McElroy, "It was easier to buy two gameboys than to make one friend."

  • radioattax
    radioattax  10 months ago

    This was my favorite video yet! :) Well done, Jenna! ^_^