FIFA 19 Tutorial: How to Get the Best out of Barcelona

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 8, 2019
  • Barcelona are one of the top teams on FIFA but if you are using their default settings you are selling yourself short. Here is how you can really make them unstoppable on the game.


  • A Horse  4 months ago

    1. pass to messi2. timed finesse3. profit

  • WR9HD  27 days ago

    No need for timed finesse lol he will put it in that top corner anyway

  • INFINITYYY !!!  1 months ago


  • Ali  4 months ago

    Semedo is better in game than roberto for RB

  • I fucking agree with you Bro I've seen this many times one of the talents semedo has that Roberto doesn't is that semedo is fast and believe me it really comes in handy

  • Molly O’shea  1 months ago

    Ali not at all Roberto much better

  • Steven Wertyuiooo  4 months ago

    1)Clone Xavi2)Clone Iniesta3)Enjoy

  • Pro XboxPlayer  1 months ago

    = De Jong

  • neil menezes  4 months ago

    Arthur and Frankie de Jong would do

  • GameVerb  4 months ago

    Messi kept at aggressive interceptions will burn him out at half time

  • GameVerb  1 months ago

    @lang lebe sucuk yeah that's exactly what i do... But rather than keeping him on cam, I put him on CF position and give him false 9 instruction

  • lang lebe sucuk  1 months ago

    GameVerb 4-2-3-1 as CAM and a slightly move him to right so he can cut inside to pass to Alba, full freedom, stay forward and conservative attacking so he doesn't get out of staminadont forget that messi has to run into the penalty are so Alba can assist

  • Grazzzzzel  4 months ago

    Dembele - Suarez - Messi Coutinho - Rakitic BusquetsAlba - Umtiti - Pique - Semedo ter Stegenthis is the best lineup in the game bar none, busquets passing and defensive work is essential to the barca side, you need to possess looking to build up the side and cut in with messi/dembele whenever possible,rakitic and coutinho both have fantastic long shots and are easy to center to for open shots in this fifa pace isnt everything but you need good passing and dribbling to play with barc...

  • Cisko_PlayZ  3 months ago

    I think Suarez Dembele-Coutinho-MessiBusquets-Rakitic Alba Pique Umtiti Samedo Ter stegen

  • Miles Young  4 months ago

    Dude this is exactly my lineup

  • t1nfam0us  4 months ago

    What kind of psycho doesn't play semedo

  • Walter White  6 days ago

    Triumf Arllati lol

  • Triumf Arllati  12 days ago

    Walter White go back to cooking Walter

  • Abhilash Srivastava  4 months ago

    messi shouldn't be instructed for aggressive tackles it depletes his stamina fast as messi has less stamina in game, it should be conservative.

  • Yeahh Baee  14 days ago

    Abhilash Srivastava ur right

  • Yeahh Baee  14 days ago

    Abhilash Srivastava yess

  • Gergő Mészáros  4 months ago


  • kevin walters  11 days ago


  • @Justin Hutchison true

  • John Doe  4 months ago

    Come on its fifa no matter how good you are the Scripts are always king*inaudible screaming*

  • Salis Salman  4 months ago

    The way he says "Semedo" makes me uncomfortable