Lexie 刘昱妤 려위위 - Coco Made Me Do It feat. Nafla

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 10, 2017
  • Hot sauce Music Groups' first single released by Kpopstar 5 top 4 contestant Lexie刘昱妤 려위위 in China. Lexie has already racked up near 1,000,000 hits in China with this song.Features rising Korean American hip hop star Nafla from the Make It Rain label that also boasts other young hip hop stars such as Loopy and Owen Ova dose.Produced by Double Dragon & Araz http://hotsaucemusicgroup.comThe song was inspired by a Coco Chanel (Coco Made Me Do It) sticker on Lexies bedroom window. Much like in the way artists such as Migos, Asap Rocky do in their songs, the goal of this song is to bridge high end fashion to hip hop swag together, and reveal it to Asia and the world through this hot hip hop collaboration.


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  • Karen Yee  9 months ago

    Lexie 还真的太有才华了。在韩国自己打拼出一番名堂,在中国参加节目而火起来,加上一口流利的英语,令她成为一个非常全面的rapper

  • katherine Baguio  11 months ago

    Chinese Rihanna 😍

  • Sylvia___  10 months ago

    Coco made you do it

  • Archie Liu  1 years ago

    She’s Chinese from Changsha city!!! Only 18 years old!!

  • Xiao Huli  5 months ago

    @余孫生 who asked *

  • yidong yang  9 months ago

    shut up sticks 棒子

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    你們都是看完中國有綜藝過來的 我倒是看完SMTM777 過來的 Nafla帥的

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    @Paul Kuo 哈哈😄