The Struts - Body Talks (Live On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/2018)

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 30, 2018
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  • KayKay Winston  6 months ago

    Anyone getting Freddie mercury vibes? 😍

  • Red Rover  8 days ago

    More like FTM and MTF vibes.

  • David Charles  1 months ago

    I saw them when they were on tour with the Foo fighters. I've never seen an opening band do such a great job. They didn't awesome job warming up the crowd. I agree the lead singer gives off a Freddie Mercury vibe but has the moves of Mick Jagger.

  • sabercats15  6 months ago

    They get an established popular artist on a song with them and then Luke completely outsings her... Impressive

  • Kesha Nation  4 months ago

    A.C. Harrison Lol except she is and every critic would agree. Try again!

  • O Z  5 months ago

    Because he teleported himself from fucking seventies!!!❤

  • Max Culley  6 months ago

    2:22 DAMN KESHA😯😍

  • Soledad Carrera  5 months ago


  • Felipe Anonimo  5 months ago

    Max Culley lol

  • Wooley689  6 months ago

    Best band to come along for a long time now. Lukes energy and the whole band make it all plain fun again.

  • Dayse Cristina  20 days ago

    I'm agree

  • mr7wi  6 months ago

    Glam rock revival right here people.

  • Mr Genius  10 days ago

    I love it

  • A.C. Harrison  6 months ago

    mr7wi just as long as Kesha isn't around for it

  • RoxRegime  6 months ago

    You can’t kill rock n roll...

  • Katrina 1  2 months ago

    RoxRegime I love I for saying that❤️

  • O Z  5 months ago

    You cant! Kayne West thinks so but he is just on coke i hope😂👍

  • evan weiner  6 months ago

    Best band right now to see live, just so amazing

  • James Burt  4 months ago

    Seen them tonight with Greta van fleet and my god this man is a true entertainer

  • Calcifer Boheme  4 months ago

    Seeing them live at Carolina Rebellion is what made me a fan. Luke's presence is something you can still feel 100 feet away.

  • Jay Tea  6 months ago

    So many people complaining about Kesha, I don't get it? That scream was great and they all seem to be having fun

  • Alexa Biebs  2 months ago

    I don't understand either. She's a queen.The song is better without her, though

  • Completely agree. I don't like her normally but credit where it's due she did a fantastic job.

  • Tarsis Bernardo  6 months ago

    Wonferfulllllllllll... thanks from Brazil greetings... good music is raritie in atual days...but is only Rock n ROLL...long Live Rock n ROLL... obrigado por postar e compartilhar conosco.... boa noite from Brazil...

  • Dayse Cristina  20 days ago

    Concordo. Super original

  • Marisol Segui  6 months ago

    Tarsis Bernardo 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Philicia Mollere  6 months ago

    Saw them open for Foo FIghters in Shreveport- glad to see them going up the charts- this song rocks- although I like the version without Kesha better- Love her- just like their version plus- and their cover of "Royals" - LOVE IT!