Borussia Dortmund 0-1 Tottenham (0-4 agg.): Champions League Recap, Highlights, Goals, Best Moments

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 5, 2019
  • Tottenham booked their place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League with a 1-0 victory over Borussia Dortmund at the Westfalenstadion for a 4-0 aggregate win. Spurs had to withstand a barrage of Dortmund attacks in the first half and Hugo Lloris made several key saves. But Harry Kane's strike early in the second half put the tie to bed.


  • Erick Gill  4 months ago

    More like Lloris vs Dortmund

  • Wyatt Courts  2 months ago

    i hate this sport

  • Erick Gill  4 months ago

    @Stinkerkill Well today he did. Give credit where it's due.

  • Joe Mama  4 months ago

    So many chances missed. Dortmund are truly the chokers of Europe

  • Shadow 12  6 days ago

    Joe Mama I thought that was psg

  • LFC Scouser  2 months ago

    go hold psg's or barcelona's beer

  • slammaANDO  4 months ago

    Jesus since when did Lloris become an octopus

  • slammaANDO  4 months ago

    High Frequency true he’s been a top keeper. Sometimes he’s a bit inconsistent. He definitely had a great game and came up big tho.

  • High Frequency  4 months ago

    He has always been a top GK just lacks some days

  • Jon Jon  4 months ago

    Tottenham is the most confusing team in the world. Love them nonetheless!

  • Captain Obvious  4 months ago

    Josh Gonzales I felt that

  • Lawrence Nara  4 months ago

    What it really means to be spursy

  • Cassius Campanella  4 months ago

    Lloris was insane, definitely man of the match

  • Josh Gonzales  4 months ago

    He’s so clinical and the way he’s able to read the game just amazing

  • futbolers to go  4 months ago

    I swear as a spurs fan I don’t know how to feel about Lloris. Within a week he pulls a Chelsea on us and then two amazing performances against Arsenal and BVB

  • @Tyler Hangting no bro, he'll never be in a good club, he might have good games; but is not good in general. The exact same thing happened to Curtois. He was never consistent; had poor games and great games changing weekly, and is getting dicked in Real right now. Look at gollies like Keylor Navas, Ter Stegen, De Gea, or even Buffon. Other than De Gea, none of them are extreme gollies (aged Buffon); but they are consistently good, maybe not very good; but CONSISTENTLY good. If Lloris ever transfers to ...

  • WorldIsFilledB  4 months ago

    Amazing against arsenal? What the fuck are you talking about

  • H Republic  4 months ago

    I honestly feel sorry for Dortmund (even though I was for Spurs). They had a great season in all competitions and made up for last season. But it doesn’t matter now cuz they along with Real are out which means we don’t have to worry about them

  • Dylan Kasperowicz  4 months ago

    H Republic Feel sorry for Spurs not winning trophies lol

  • Dalla Style  4 months ago

    all competitions? They got kicked out of the dfk pokal and choked a 9 point lead. They held the league for half the season but are about to lose to us (Bayern)

  • Spiders  4 months ago

    Dortmund how many chances do you need?!!!Lorris: All of them

  • Titzmcfloppin  4 months ago

    World Cup Lloris vs Suspect Lloris. Who's starting on what day we never know

  • Big Chungus  4 months ago

    *A lot*

  • Dennis White  4 months ago

    The English team's know a lot about Tottenham but the rest of Europe don't seem to take them seriously

  • Dennis White  2 months ago

    @Richard Castaway what are you talking about they are in the champions league final

  • Chauncey Wade  2 months ago

    Richard Castaway you sure? 💀

  • Teufel Hunden  4 months ago

    Lloris looked sober for once. Guess its time for him to celebrate (drink).

  • Alvaro Rey  4 months ago

    That is what I thought