17 vs 30 years old (on youtube)

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 15, 2017
  • I've been making videos on YouTube since I was 17 years old. Now I'm 30. Am I too old?♛ Subscribe ▸ https://youtube.com/subscription_cent...➁ My second channel▸ http://youtube.com/anthonypadilla2Ⓐ My steaming pile of social garbage▸ http://instagram.com/anthonypadilla▸ http://twitter.com/anthonypadilla▸ http://facebook.com/anthonypadilla▸ http://snapchat.com/add/anth0nypadilla✏ Editing▸ Kenny Huynh: http://instagram.com/kencreatemedia


  • AnthonyPadilla  1 years ago

    thanks for supporting me my entire adult life. and thanks for not making me feel too old when i'm technically "youtube geriatric".see ya later bye guys press a like <3

  • Bicycle Boi  1 months ago

    Padildo baggains

  • Jaime Palominos  3 months ago

    Your old

  • CultureCrash  1 years ago

    *Honestly he could still pass as 20 years old.*

  • I would say 24

  • Pack Of Wolves  1 months ago

    I'm 20 and I could pass as 15

  • Ez -  6 months ago

    Its 2019You become actor yet?

  • LasagnaGuy3000  19 days ago

    Smosh Movie, Ghostmates, but that was with Smosh

  • TULIP HILLS  1 years ago

    Anthony and Ian are the few OGs on YouTube who still upload videos

  • Trains 65  3 months ago

    TULIP HILLS Fred is dead ray is dead nigahiga still makes videos

  • Amber Godfrey  1 years ago

    It would be completely ironic if he actually died in 2074

  • Manuel Calavera  21 days ago

    I will be 75.

  • I'll be 69 in 2074

  • Tri borg  1 years ago


  • TR4PD3STR0Y3R  7 months ago

    Craaaaaaawliiings in my crraaaawwlll!

  • -  8 months ago

    nah more like *I chimed in with a haven't you people ever heard of*without the outfit

  • L i z a  1 years ago

    Padildo is definitely going through a midlife crisis.

  • nickthemusicnerd27  1 years ago

    Yottifferent i went through 1 when i was 13, just thinking that I was now a teenager and my childhood was basically over

  • Abby tv  1 years ago

    Lizzie PvP his last name is padilla not padildo

  • Anime Anna  1 years ago

    I've been a fan of his content ever since I was around 8 (yes I know I'm not a good child). Now I'm turning 18 soon, haha, thanks for being part of my childhood.

  • Jacob Hanna  1 months ago

    I’m 8 I been watching since I was 2

  • Clixhy  6 months ago

    I been watching since 2011 (in my old account tho)

  • Riley Thompson  3 months ago

    It's sad how its 2019 and Padildo Baggins hasn't been made yet

  • Shirley Lynsky  1 months ago

    Maybe months later

  • You’re 30? That’s depressing

  • Koragh  7 months ago

    you're a kid thats even sad pal you basicly live of your parents

  • Hatchet  8 months ago

    That’s depressing? You’re the one who wants to die!