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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 3, 2017
  • Loser gets a piercing of the slime piece...

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  • Jenny Dirks
    Jenny Dirks  yesterday

    the piercing actually looks so good wtf

  • esma
    esma  yesterday

    How didn't anyone notice graysons dick at 3:28 😂😳

  • DynaGirl Rex
    DynaGirl Rex  3 days ago

    Round two in a nutshell

    Who can gain the most calories

  • Gwendolyn's Vanity

    Poor E...

  • Inara Adams
    Inara Adams  6 days ago

    I don't know who you guys are but everyone is talking about you in Fairbanks AK. So I'm just gonna go ahead, subscribe, and see what everyone is on about.

    ALLI KAYE NEALE  7 days ago

    I’m giving a thumbs up 👍 cuz I want Graysons tongue 👅 Marry me Grayson!! 🤟

  • Zora Shaw
    Zora Shaw  7 days ago

    They didn’t put the long bar on first

  • The life of daiser

    YouR goINg TOO mAke MY toNGe fAll OOFf

  • Mercedes Hernandez
    Mercedes Hernandez  14 days ago +1

    Another hole added to his body

  • Alisha Nelson
    Alisha Nelson  14 days ago

    i’m not ok knowing grayson is good with his tongue

  • Black Rose
    Black Rose  14 days ago

    I want a tongue piercing SO BAD

  • Ner.aye_duh
    Ner.aye_duh  21 days ago

    Kinda wish e kept the piercing

  • Rabbiyatul Nazli
    Rabbiyatul Nazli  21 days ago

    The way you say peace 😂😂😂 so freaking adorable

  • AlexisGachas123
    AlexisGachas123  21 days ago


    Also Ethan: 0:49

  • Pixie Ninja
    Pixie Ninja  21 days ago

    I got my tounge pierced about 15 yrs ago and now its one of my fav piercings. It didnt hurt but it was swollen for 3 days and all I could eat was pancakes. Wtg Ethan!

  • Nicole Young
    Nicole Young  1 months ago +1

    When I was 18 me and my best friend looked at each other, and I said “should we get our tongues pierced?”.. so, we canceled our other plans and went and got our tongues pierced that night.. then we were idiots and decided to get Taco Bell right after lol we looked ridiculous trying to chew with our heads turned to the side trying to eat our damn crunch wraps without using our tongue’s.. i didn’t even get to taste it, so it was not fun 😂 I had to take it out a year later because I got a job at Taco Bell. Weird coincidence lol

  • Jorja PollyWolly
    Jorja PollyWolly  1 months ago

    2019 Dt marathon anyone?

  • melanie kellett
    melanie kellett  1 months ago +1

    not gonna lie Ethan suits that tongue piercing

  • evie hill
    evie hill  1 months ago

    I'm gonna miss these weekly videos:(

  • Amixni_Gacha
    Amixni_Gacha  1 months ago

    Ethan is just one step closer on becoming an E-boy 😂