How did Dany Give Birth to Dragons | Game of Thrones Season 1 Finale

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 20, 2017
  • Detailed analysis of hatching the the Dragon Eggs. Subscribe to this Channel:◑ Game of Thrones:◑ Westworld:◑ The Witcher (NETFLIX):◑ Altered Carbon: it relates to the comet, blood sacrifice, magical songs, self-Belief (the law of attraction), and the oldest and most powerful magic of them all... LOVE


  • Reggy  1 years ago

    Am i the only one not hating Dany? I freaking love her even in the series, i think she is one of the most interesting characters.

  • Ruela Navarro  13 days ago

    No your not ..Ilove dany too

  • Ado•kuree 104  18 days ago

    Reggy I don’t hate her

  • makeiira  29 days ago

    The prophecy of her child burning cities came true. Drogo was her child.

  • Andra Karsten  19 days ago

    @makeiira Oh my God some people 🙄 He just keeps on pushing and pushing all because he has another theory I mean my God. Adoptive parents out there in life, listen to Jay. You are not real parents.

  • Owen Omoruyi  21 days ago

    The prophecy came true!

  • Adam David  1 years ago

    White Walker: Bet you a hundred bucks you can't hit that dragon flying over thereNight King: Hold my beer.

  • Richard cooling  3 months ago


  • Patricia Busch  3 months ago

    Classic 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Dr Pear  1 years ago

    Dany was always immune to fire. In the first episodes you can see her getting in a tub of boiling water while her servant warns her about the water being too hot and that it could burn her, but it didn't. The moment they killed her brother she also said that fire could not kill a real dragon.

  • Jay Preis  22 days ago

    Dany was not "immune" to fire. And surely the water in the tub wouldn't have been boiling. The tub would have been filled by servants from buckets of hot water, not by turning on a gas burner under the tub. Viserys had often warned Dany not to wake the dragon in him, i.e., not to piss him off. She was being ironic when she remarked that fire couldn't kill a real dragon, after Drogo had killed him by pouring a pot of molten gold over his head. Fans of the show have such childish notions. You r...

  • Mediocre Maiden  25 days ago

    @Roller Girl love your nickname ! He azor ahai'd Dany and Drogon dracarys'd The Iron Throne, the True Evil. So, in doing so Jon 'forged' Lightbringer aka prolly already know that from watching one of this guys vids but it makes me feel crazy smart and like im impressing strangers and I need that in my life...I NEED IT!

  • "She's pregnant with an unborn child." ...well, you've really outdone yourself there!

  • consolate awino  2 months ago


  • callie lu  2 months ago

    Omg that's funny!!

  • donald cook  1 years ago

    *stands naked in the bedroom doorway* and says "You don't won't to wake the dragon do you?" *wife sobs because she realizes she married a nerd.*

  • bridge4  1 years ago

    +donald cook lol

  • Kay  29 days ago

    And now Drogon mourns his mommy and nudged her trying to wake her up 😭😭😭💔💔💔

  • Sheri  28 days ago

    I think Khals soul is in Drogon, thats why he was jealously watching Jon kiss Daenerys.

  • Slayr baby  1 years ago

    It would be badass if Dany just hatches more dragons. The Night King will be like "haha she only has 2 dragons." Then in the final war she leads several more.

  • Alexis Patterson  26 days ago

    Radical Jess ik it’s so sad wish at least one of them was alive but now it’s just dragon that badass sexy dragon lmao😂

  • SB W  1 months ago

    Oooofff this post does not age well

  • superguy4217  1 years ago

    You say the fire spell transfers over to Danny, but in the show there is a time way before this where she tried heating a dragon egg and then picks it up. A servant then runs over to tell her to drop it and snatches it out of Danny's hands. The servant is burned by the egg after holding it for a very short amount of time. She flips over Danny's hand to see that even though Danny was holding it for much longer than the servant, she is completely unscathed. This showing she had fire immunity before the s...

  • Thomas Fleig  1 months ago

    That's the problem with turning books into shows or movies. It's also why, almost always without fail, people believe the books are better than the show or movie. Harry Potter is another good example. Having read all the books, the movies pissed me off many times, because they changed things or left things out all together. I especially hate when they leave important things out, for what you believe is just restriction on time, but then they add something stupid that was never in the book.

  • Eva Fleury  1 months ago

    @RemoteNeta Boheta Yes. They hint to it in the very first episode when she walks into the steaming hot bath, and the servant tells that it's too hot.

  • Tyler Walls  7 months ago

    Who agrees someone should make a petition to add Game of Thrones to Netflix. 🙋🏼‍♂️ (I do). Now I would if I even knew how to start. 😂

  • Jay Preis  22 days ago

    Buy or rent the show when it comes out on DVD. Or subscribe to HBO to watch the show On Demand.

  • Thomas Fleig  1 months ago

    @bridge4... Or download an app like Terrarium and stream them for free. I actually watched episode 2, last week, before it was shown on HBO.