How did Dany Give Birth to Dragons | Game of Thrones Season 1 Finale

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 20, 2017
  • Detailed analysis of hatching the the Dragon Eggs.

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    HINT: it relates to the comet, blood sacrifice, magical songs, self-Belief (the law of attraction), and the oldest and most powerful magic of them all... LOVE


  • Patti Burton Salmonsen
    Patti Burton Salmonsen  21 days ago +1

    I want a dragon egg , I would love 💕 it kiss 💋 it pet it and wish it would hatch.

  • Evan Mcgowan
    Evan Mcgowan  1 months ago

    Who else hated Jon when he killed Dany and dragon was nudging her trying to wake her up 😭😭

  • Brittney Stewart
    Brittney Stewart  3 months ago +1

    I love her hair styles it gives me some ideas on how to do my hair

  • Global Digital Direct Subsidiarity Democracy

    game of thrones can show the boobs but you can´t.

  • Lutteo Forever
    Lutteo Forever  3 months ago

    I detect a bit of Harry Potter logic

  • Redirect Alljunk
    Redirect Alljunk  3 months ago

    bich is crazy

  • mdub2000
    mdub2000  3 months ago +3

    whats interesting is that love was part of what helped her hatch the dragons and create the proper spells but in the end of the series what drove her to madness was that she felt she wasn't loved and needed to rule through fear.

  • gordon gillard
    gordon gillard  3 months ago +1

    Howd ur dragon show end aahahahahahaha

  • Fancy TOMATOE
    Fancy TOMATOE  3 months ago

    In Quarth she mentioned she 'dreamt' if she walks out of the fire she'll come out of the fire with three Dragons, and then she said "AND I DID! ;D" then that was the part she told them "When my dragons a grown we will burn blah blah Towns, cities to the ground, and something like "turn us away and we will burn you first" . Then remember, that Targeryens or dragon riders have something like Dragon dreams, that's how the Targaryens escaped the old Valerya massacre.

  • Shirai
    Shirai  3 months ago

    that scene at the end always gives me chills

  • Symbolsysteme
    Symbolsysteme  3 months ago +1

    I didn't read the books, I only watched the series, but I thought that the death of her husband, the death of her child and the death of the witch were kind of a sacrifice that the dragons could come to life.

  • Yaowalak Monkeaw
    Yaowalak Monkeaw  3 months ago

    All your hard work in this video and then you get the finale season! Sign ☹️

  • N B
    N B  3 months ago

    I think her presence brought the eggs back to life. Then when she was cooked alive with the eggs, they hatched.

    FISHTHEFOX1  3 months ago

    They hatched in the damn fire and imprinted on her. Duh!

  • Jennifer Brewer
    Jennifer Brewer  3 months ago +1

    To put it bluntly, she DID NOT give birth to the dragons. She merely facilitated their hatching, no different from a chicken farmer who incubates eggs to hatch them.

  • Jay Preis
    Jay Preis  3 months ago

    There were not 3 blood "sacrifices." A death isn't a sacrifice unless the death was intended as a sacrifice. Viserys Targaryen's death was an execution, not a blood sacrifice. Khal Drogo's death was a mercy killing, not a sacrifice. The death of Dany's child was the result of murder, miscarriage or a botched delivery, but not a sacrifice. The only sacrifice was a horse.

  • Jay Preis
    Jay Preis  3 months ago

    Lol. Most of the show's fans would never read the books. They don't have the attention span. They can only read short books with pictures.

  • Evelyn
    Evelyn  3 months ago +2

    Amazing I love the breakdown of the books with the show as well

  • Emmy Ryn
    Emmy Ryn  3 months ago

    I would think that Rhaego is actually Drogon's sacrifice, though the names don't line up, because Rhaego had the most life within him, and Drogon does too.

  • Jaeda Paschelke
    Jaeda Paschelke  3 months ago +5

    The three sacrifices would be Viseris >Viserion, Rhaego>Rhaegal and Drogo>Drogon