Try Guys Drunk Vegan Fast Food Taste Test

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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  • Zana Music  1 months ago

    Last video: Coming out as Gay 😌😌😌💜🏳️‍🌈Next video: LMFAO WE dRuNk AF 😤🤪

  • Shian Cao  an hour ago

    Aleda h cmck

  • Aaron G  2 days ago

    @Sage Petrich I Know! XD

  • Laisha Z  25 days ago

    “Are you gonna kiss me?”Meanwhile, Ned and Zach are close to making out lmfao

  • Ehle Mes  23 days ago


  • Honey you hit  a months ago

    " Do vegans actually order this?"Eugene sounded so concerned

  • that la girl_34  9 days ago

    Honey you hit ikr lolol

  • Elizabeth  29 days ago

    Keith: “I’m vegan!”Also Keith: *consistently uploads videos of himself eating literally everything at a restaurant.*

  • Katie Nguyen  5 days ago

    I mean he was drunk

  • MsReclusivity  16 days ago

    @Berserker Not sure if you're talking to me but I know what I means. Been vegan since 2010. Started the same year I started making vlogs.

  • Sara Petersen  24 days ago

    Vegans do not order anything from McDonald's 😂 their fries aren't vegan

  • ez zyther  2 days ago

    the hash Brown isnt vegan either

  • K.A. GORDON  3 days ago


  • Courtney Browning  1 months ago

    “Is Wendy dead?” 😂😂😂 drunk Eugene is my favorite Eugene

  • But we have different tupes of drunk eugene,Search them up and pick your favorite

  • Jamie Bernard  10 days ago

    He just wanted someone to be dead XD <3

  • Nequa Thompson  17 days ago

    I was to done when he said “I don’t understand what is so vegan about this. It’s just everything but the meat”....”that’s EXACTLY what vegan means” lmao I died

  • Grace Ramey  15 days ago

    technically no animal products which includes milk

  • Danika Macaroni  25 days ago

    12:32 Keith: *talking*Eugene:*looks at shot glass* can I have the full bottle of this, please?

  • Tabitha G  6 days ago

    I didn’t catch that lmaoo

  • Kaylee Martinez  27 days ago

    11:00 Eugene: *in a deep voice* "I'm Stacy"

  • Aaron S  4 hours ago

    Sometimes he's into a little role play

  • Judith Light  22 days ago

    "There's no place two 100% pure beef patties would rather be."Eugene: Maybe they'd rather be alive