Spider: what's Varys up to?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 8, 2016
  • Varys is one of the most mysterious characters in Game of Thrones and ASOIAF. What's he up to? How does his plan involve Viserys and Daenerys? And is Aegon a Blackfyre?

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    10:25 Daemon Blackfyre's original name was Daemon Waters, not Daemon Rivers


  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  a years ago +1772

    The Aegon Targaryen in this video is not Jon Snow! This Aegon is a book-only character, called "Young Griff".

  • kingnro1
    kingnro1  4 days ago

    It's probably foolish to expect good discussion in the comments of the channel anymore with the size of the audience, but it's damn sad that the comments are almost exclusively venting over GOT season 8. Sad.

    Imo, Varys is lying to Kevan - there might be some little birds (or someone else) around listening. I'n totally on board with fAegon, and I totally think he's Illyrio's son. And it doesn't seem too far fetched that Varys could also be a Blackfyre descendant. I guess one must presuppose that V&I wanted Viserys to attack Westeros during or after the realm being plunged into war, and then kill him and bring out fAegon as the best option to inherit the throne - after Daenerys has returned to Essos, or maybe she could be married to Aegon if Drogo had been killed during the war for the throne.

  • Dalton Miller
    Dalton Miller  6 days ago

    Lol i just spoiled like the entire series for myself but I couldn't stop watching. The plot reveals were too good.

  • William Baugus
    William Baugus  7 days ago

    Probably a Blackfyre

  • Maurice
    Maurice  7 days ago

    Spiders never lose, they either play the game to win or stay away from it

  • nathenism
    nathenism  14 days ago

    how many times have you read the books? I've read them three times and I don't know the story a tenth as well as you seem to

  • Kaleah Collins
    Kaleah Collins  21 days ago

    But aegon is Jon Snow he's the only of the surviving child unknown to the world

  • just_some_guy 1
    just_some_guy 1  21 days ago +1

    The ultimate jew

  • aque quez
    aque quez  1 months ago +1

    varys blackfyre serra blackfyre
    sounds good

  • aque quez
    aque quez  1 months ago +1

  • Ileia Smith
    Ileia Smith  1 months ago

    I love how it ends...Or he's a merman. Lol

  • ITrynda
    ITrynda  1 months ago

    This is just depressing now...

  • Craig Dirty .Dority
    Craig Dirty .Dority  1 months ago

    I like the theory that Varys is Saera's Blackfyre brother. That would explain everything.

  • conqueror of total war

    it makes since if you know who made the realm of the seven kingdoms.......the targaryens. Also Varys was loyal to the mad king because the mad king gave him his position and it made him a loyal supporter of the targaryens which also makes sense of him plotting against tommen.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown  1 months ago +1

    That's what varys were up to

    Based on show -
    The master of whisperer(Lord varys) who was like J edger Hoover of Westeros tells Queen's right hand that he is gonna commit treason agaist his master. Then ask queen niece and lover in broad daylight to kill her and become a true king. Failed a phoney typical poison assassination attempt and then got roasted by Queen herself cause his hand(dwarf) exposed the treason to his master. Not expected at all ?

    That's glorious writing from majestic duo dumb and dumber.

  • Shawn Saunders
    Shawn Saunders  2 months ago

    All varys was really up too...was literally to have the proper and good king to rule the realm, nothing more, nothing less. and he paid with death when he tried to conspire for Jon snow (aegon targeryan) to sit as king instead of daenerys stormborn.

  • Error Try again
    Error Try again  2 months ago

    Perhaps Varys is trying to create a republic

  • Renenlilje
    Renenlilje  2 months ago

    So the targaryens are alive through the blackfyre line right?

  • Nathan Palmer
    Nathan Palmer  2 months ago

    wait what did u call Viserys LOL

  • Ice
    Ice  2 months ago

    Varys the egg