Bruins-Canucks Game 7 Cup Finals Highlights+Celebration NBC 6/15/11 1080p HD

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 16, 2011
  • The Boston Bruins beat the Vancouver Canucks in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals 4-0 to win their first Cup since 1972, on June 15, 2011. All celebrations and presentations included.


  • billybob lillybob

    That Hansen guy is a pure bum. Very Cookian in his attempts to injure.

  • Will Schromm
    Will Schromm  21 days ago

    11:35 listen closely😂

  • Juan Jurado
    Juan Jurado  28 days ago

    Tim Thomas really led this Boston team basically by himself in 2011. He gave his teammates all the confidence they needed to capture this championship.

  • Juan Jurado
    Juan Jurado  28 days ago

    Luongo struggled after Game 4 vs. Chicago in the first round. He was inconsistent after that blowout loss. And so were the Canucks.

  • Itsa Games
    Itsa Games  a months ago

    stanley cup winner milan lucic won the cup in his hometown...not many can say they did that!

  • Elated Elitist
    Elated Elitist  a months ago

    Whatever canada won in 2010 olympics that's all that matters to me.

  • Funny Kitty
    Funny Kitty  a months ago

    Alex Was Born In The June 16 But June 15 a Is My Worst Day 😿

  • Jim Beanbragger
    Jim Beanbragger  a months ago

    lol Vancouver got owned then burned down their own house

  • Best Ever Epic Millennial

    why is every comment of 2019? Trendy kids

  • Jackaboi
    Jackaboi  3 months ago

    This is bs

  • no wey
    no wey  3 months ago

    loved the parade hated the loss this year

  • WelcomeToBoston
    WelcomeToBoston  3 months ago +2

    Remember the Penguins in 2008 and 2009? The Bruins will be back in the Finals in 2020, and this time we will win it. The top line won't go silent, Rask will (again) prove the nay-sayers wrong, and Chara will be able to go out on top like Recchi did in '11. Gonna be a fun season...

  • tregz17
    tregz17  3 months ago +1

    Vancouver made themselves the most shithead city in the world after losing this cup. bunch of douchebags lol

  • Aidan Demetrick
    Aidan Demetrick  4 months ago

    My buddy did it Big Z and the rest of the team

  • Mr. Lava Lamp
    Mr. Lava Lamp  4 months ago +1

    So we’re just gonna ignore viagra ads in the arena?

  • Dan Kress
    Dan Kress  4 months ago

    still remember watching this in 1st grade

  • nicolas Rotundo
    nicolas Rotundo  5 months ago

    The canucks don’t deserve a cup the players do but the fan base don’t deserve jack shit what other city do you see riot after losing a hockey game

  • iPermanently
    iPermanently  5 months ago +1

    8 years later a Game 7 was played in the Cup Final for the first time since 2011 and this time Boston lost

  • Brandon Fletcher
    Brandon Fletcher  5 months ago

    We didn't deserve to win we will get them next time chara is the best for a reason

  • sean-o bigcaff
    sean-o bigcaff  5 months ago +1

    As of 2019 I can now officially say the Bruins really cannot win the cup without Tim Thomas, SUCK IT BRUINS