Destroying My Friend's Car And Surprising Him With A New One

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 10, 2019

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  • MrBeast
    MrBeast  2 months ago +67018

    subscribe or you'll have bad luck for a year!

  • Ibraheem Adnan
    Ibraheem Adnan  10 minutes ago

    He is almost about to have 1million likeSsS

  • Lani Acuña
    Lani Acuña  an hour ago

    Is that a real mitheor

  • hriday yadav
    hriday yadav  2 hours ago

    How he gets the keys of their cars ?

  • thirdy tagulao
    thirdy tagulao  3 hours ago

    mr beast is the only channel that does the unclickbaited title

  • FireNackles
    FireNackles  3 hours ago

    Smash my car and buy me an lambo pls

  • Yuhan Padsoyan
    Yuhan Padsoyan  4 hours ago +1

    There is a saying that goes "When you think everything is going right, something goes wrong and vise versa" ^^

  • Patrick H
    Patrick H  5 hours ago

    You wanna car for 6969,69?

  • Charlotte's Vids
    Charlotte's Vids  5 hours ago

    Put weddle in more videos!!!

  • Randomly Video
    Randomly Video  6 hours ago

    We all know his friends won't be mad because they knew...mrbeast is a cashback guarantee

  • So Craxy
    So Craxy  7 hours ago

    you shouldnt destroy em.. give em to the people who need the most

  • ah mad
    ah mad  7 hours ago

    Give some blessings here in phil. MR. AWESOME BEAST

  • cherry c.
    cherry c.  8 hours ago

    Can anybody tell me what kind of car marcus got?

  • levi ackerman
    levi ackerman  8 hours ago +1

    I mean I know the cars were bad but they could’ve donated them still

  • Its_Taco_Time10
    Its_Taco_Time10  10 hours ago

    Do last to stop bouncing on a trampoline wins 10 k pppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Christian Ayers
    Christian Ayers  10 hours ago +1

    how'd beat get the keys to there cars without being sus?

  • Davinci Baby
    Davinci Baby  11 hours ago

    The 69420 lmao😹

  • mr _chicken_man-ooo
    mr _chicken_man-ooo  12 hours ago +1

    Chandler has a nice car🚫🧢

  • Blue Songs
    Blue Songs  13 hours ago

    Stop waisting money guys just give the cars to the poor instead of destroying it wew....

  • Chayce Martinez
    Chayce Martinez  13 hours ago

    Mr Beast: Destroying my friends life and getting him a new one

    The rest of the world: