[PLAYLIST] BTS Song That Make You Cry

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 25, 2018
  • Listen to this playlist when you feeling wanna cry before you sleep.


  • BTSHoney Squad
    BTSHoney Squad  9 days ago +25

    PT. 2 (New Upload) Please watching ^^ link below. thank u so much.

  • my unicorn world
    my unicorn world  10 hours ago

    Me:i will be okay
    The truth untold=about to cry
    Let go=one drop
    I need you=cries heartu out 4 times

  • Jamya Rose
    Jamya Rose  10 hours ago

    I’m failing school, I got 5 F’s, My “friends” don’t hang with me,I’m a waste of space, I’m dumb, I don’t understand anything in school, I’m forever in trouble due to grades. This is the perfect playlist I need Rn 🙂 Cry until I can’t anymore 😀

  • PrinceOli
    PrinceOli  10 hours ago

    18:44 I nut everytime

  • Sweta Chand
    Sweta Chand  10 hours ago

    You should also add BEGIN because it was heart touching and made many people cry has it describes the love for brothers who always supports us

  • Cømmander경준
    Cømmander경준  14 hours ago

    I totally didn't play this on my speaker to give myself a breakdown and cry a lot :,)

  • AllyHiran 1215
    AllyHiran 1215  21 hours ago

    Let go hits my right where i keep my feelings locked. It's painful but also relieving. Coming here for the 10th time to vent oof.

  • tran nam
    tran nam  yesterday

    2!3! bài này mới khóc nè

  • Siti Haliza
    Siti Haliza  yesterday

    Thank for this collection..now I am very sad about my friend because she did not appreciate to me And always scoff at me And she thought I wanted her money because she was rich💔

  • -_- Trilianna
    -_- Trilianna  yesterday


  • the silent 1 ******

    Video starts at 0:00
    Thank me later

  • Carla Carias
    Carla Carias  yesterday

    Some songs are sad and some songs make go to sleep

  • Stob It
    Stob It  yesterday

    I was so sad and wanted to listen to some sad songs of BTS and my heart started to hurt form the beginning when it started...

  • Jackson Yi Fanmades and EXO-L

    WOW I mean the start was so sad then what would I do for the whole video

  • Taehyung Jimin
    Taehyung Jimin  2 days ago

    One more song that ALWAYS make me cry is 'Just One Day' 😭

  • Vienna Adriano
    Vienna Adriano  2 days ago

    is it weird to cry at work? this is nsfw

  • m o n m o n
    m o n m o n  2 days ago

    s p r i n g
    d a y

  • min yoongi
    min yoongi  2 days ago

    Love maze?😞

  • Red Bean
    Red Bean  2 days ago +1

    there is a *truth untold* hidden beneath my soul i've always wanted to *let go* of that secret but *only then* everybody will hate me so i have to hide under *crystal snow* because of how miserable i am and because of my *singularity* nobody can cheer me up. i have to swim in the *sea* of guilt. there is nothing there for me not even a *butterfly* even *spring day* seems like a whole big storm to me. i try to find the *magic shop* that releases me from my guilt. i couldnt get over the *fake love* i gave
    i never got the chance to say *i need U* to him he wouldnt *let me know* all the crying he went through because of me even if i was *born singer* thats not what i wanted
    i kept crying until *4 O' clock* i thought if i kept crying i wouldnt look *young forever*
    but i couldnt help but keep *awake* all night,crying. the love is *so far away* my mom said *love is not over* as i looked at the rain and thought about what she said. she really wanted to *hug me*

  • Bts the bias wrecker’s Cicixoxo

    I new I was going to cry but I don’t know that I was going to so fast I’m only 10:00 second in and already have my eyes watering