[PLAYLIST] BTS Song That Make You Cry

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  • Published on:  Friday, May 25, 2018
  • Listen to this playlist when you feeling wanna cry before you sleep.


  • BTSHoney Squad
    BTSHoney Squad  2 months ago +205

    PT. 2 (New Upload) Please watching ^^ link below. thank u so much.

    • Dee Minyoon
      Dee Minyoon  18 days ago

      Hug me was v cover songs too

    • Eva Vega
      Eva Vega  1 months ago +1

      💋 Ale 💖 Juanita Jiménez Venga 🎅😍😓😘 3l

  • •Fluffy ChimChim•

    Im listening to this as my CRUSH told me who he likes... And it's my best friend... I'm heart broken.. I will never find anyone 😭😭😭

  • Nyaja Barton
    Nyaja Barton  11 hours ago +1

    I was just laying my bed . listening and then I heard butterfly and I started pouring out tears

  • Itsforces
    Itsforces  11 hours ago

    Why did you put fake love. That ain't a sad song

  • rooh jungkookie
    rooh jungkookie  12 hours ago

    Will i have a happy life if i try..
    Is that even possible?

  • rooh jungkookie
    rooh jungkookie  12 hours ago

    Love u bts

  • rooh jungkookie
    rooh jungkookie  12 hours ago

    I love u kookie
    I want to be happy and have a stable life plz god help me..
    I just don't want to stay worried and scared.. I am just sick of it😑

  • •Kakashi Hatake•

    0:00 The Truth Untold (Feat Steve Aoki)
    4:02 Let Go
    8:59 Only Then (Jungkook Cover)
    13:14 Crystal Snow
    18:44 Singularity
    22:11 Sea
    27:25 Butterfly
    32:18 Spring Day
    36:54 Magic Shop
    41:34 Fake Love
    45:36 I Need U
    49:09 Let Me Know
    53:25 Born Singer
    57:24 4 0' Clock
    1:01:17 Young Forever
    1:04:12 Awake
    1:08:03 So Far Away
    1:13:26 Love Is Not Over
    1:17:10 Rain
    1:21:42 Hug Me

  • Mia Konevski
    Mia Konevski  22 hours ago

    When I first listened to these songs I cried although I still cry to The Truth Untold and Let Go every time I hear them. Some times I even cry on 4 O'Clock and Young Forever and Rain😢 All of these are the songs that play in my head when I feel sad or when I remember that BTS wanted to disband (when I told that to my BFF she freaked out and started to cry and could not stop crying , my teacher asked her why she was crying and we told her the story that they even made a song called Let Go for it and she said that that is just stupid😫😢That made her to cry even more bcs we were watching MAMA in school and I translated it to her and that's how she knew. I didn't cry but I felt like crying inside , I didn't wanted to show how much I love them bcs I tought my friends would make fun of me cuz all of them HATE BTS😢😭)and I hear the songs in my head when I remember when my BFF , last week told me that she isn't an ARMY anymore but still loves BTS' songs and will support them but not as an ARMY as my BFF who supports my Idols *sorry if you readed my whole story*

  • Lam Cute
    Lam Cute  yesterday +1

    LET GO always hurt, i swear, its lyrics so...

  • Nijino Light
    Nijino Light  yesterday +1

    I know why 'THE TRUTH UNTOLD' in first cuz its so SAD i say it because i feel it😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Roblox Angel
    Roblox Angel  yesterday

    Spring day is mine

  • Kokoroコ コ ロJade옥

    0:01 The Truth Untold
    4:03 Let Go
    8:58 Only Then (Jungkook Cover)
    13:09 Crystal Snow
    18:35 Singularity
    22:07 Sea (Hidden Track)
    27:23 Butterfly (Prologue Ver.)
    32:17 Spring Day
    36:56 Magic Shop
    41:31 Fake Love
    45:35 I Need U
    49:06 Let Me Know
    53:24 Born Singer
    57:25 4 O'Clock
    1:01:17 Young Forever
    1:04:11 Awake
    1:08:04 So Far Away
    I gave up my hands hurt T^T

  • Kookie Cream
    Kookie Cream  yesterday +2

    Someone please stop cutting the damn onions please :)

  • Human GOD
    Human GOD  yesterday +1

    Where is "The Last" by Agust D??

  • Kokainka
    Kokainka  yesterday


  • kpopfreak !
    kpopfreak !  2 days ago

    Damn. I cried at the first song😭😭😭

  • Maddie 's
    Maddie 's  2 days ago +1

    The truth untold got me crying so hard I break down when jungkook sang "but I still want you " 😭😭😭 ily bts even if u guys go to the military me and other army's will stay by you guys forever 😭😭

  • Nimco Said
    Nimco Said  2 days ago

    No joke my body fucking vibrated I think nvm probably just a seizure

  • Denise B
    Denise B  2 days ago

    Why is fake love up here?😂