Recreating Iconic Vines - Merrell Twins

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 17, 2018
  • We decided to recreate some of our favorite vines! Comment down below what some of your favorite vines are!! Subscribe & Turn on Notifications: NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY! Check Out Our Other Videos:SEND THIS TO YOUR CRUSH WITH NO CONTEXT DISNEY PRINCESSES WERE YOUTUBERS GIRLS TELL IS MY ROMEO? (3 PART SERIES) THING WERE NAMED The Youtuber Things You're Doing Wrong in School to our OTHER CHANNELS!!!!!MERRELL TWINS LIVE MERRELL Merrell Twins Merch: @merrelltwinsTWITTER: TwinsVeronica MerrellVanessa Merrell


  • merrelltwins
    merrelltwins  a years ago +6978

    What is your favorite vine that we recreated? Love you all so much. Hope everyone is doing well!! ❤️

  • Frankie Stein
    Frankie Stein  3 months ago +1327

    If you are over 7 like here

  • Pegasisters 123
    Pegasisters 123  3 months ago +499

    Am I the only person who heard "give me my back hat Jordan!"

  • RitzierCrane760 gaming
    RitzierCrane760 gaming  4 months ago +566

    How many times have you watched this ?
    I have watched it 105 times😁

  • Xõxõ Mõrgåń Gåçhå Xõxõ

    How long did they drive around looking for a Road work ahead sign

  • Tara Buescher
    Tara Buescher  2 months ago +128

    “Give me my back hat Jordan” 3:05

  • Sarita Patil
    Sarita Patil  3 months ago +46

    We want part 2!!!!!!
    Love these girls💕💜😁✌✌
    Super talented

  • Sandy Rock
    Sandy Rock  2 months ago +24

    My favorite is 5:56 "stop! I could've dropped my croissant"

  • Jia Sablok
    Jia Sablok  2 months ago +52

    Guys let’s get them to five or six million before 2020

  • Caliana Nevarez
    Caliana Nevarez  7 days ago +9

    Is no one gonna talk about how Nessa's baby voice is on point😂😂😂

  • jamesandmark gwilliam
    jamesandmark gwilliam  2 months ago +67

    3:04 she said give me my back hat Jordan ❤😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Jacey Cassandra
    Jacey Cassandra  3 months ago +17

    Nessa: comment down YOUR BELOW

  • Brandyn & Kyndall’s YouTube

    At 3:05 she said "give me my back hat jorden" but she was supposed to say "give me my hat back jorden" HAHAHAHA😁

  • Elise_the_cheese 101
    Elise_the_cheese 101  7 months ago +858

    At 2:59 is it just me or she sais “give me my back hat Jordan “ like if you noticed

  • Danny C.
    Danny C.  2 months ago +10

    The one that says,"My poop is coming."🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Omiyua Nani Nushindagi
    Omiyua Nani Nushindagi  2 months ago +15

    Them: how much money do u have
    Them again: uh like 69 cents
    Me:WHAT hahaha
    Also ness said give me my back hat not
    Give me my hat back
    Good job

  • Maryam Al Rubai
    Maryam Al Rubai  2 months ago +8

    Lol at 3:04 "give me my back hat Jordan!"🤣🤣

  • Tiva Craig
    Tiva Craig  1 months ago +8

    My friends dancing : 3:13
    Mine : 3:18
    Lol like if this is relatable! ❤️😂

  • IlianaBlue
    IlianaBlue  a years ago +2402

    Lmao we need a part 2 😂😂❤ love you guys

  • Talibah Dixon
    Talibah Dixon  4 days ago +3

    at 3 : 07 she said "GIVE ME MY BACK HAT JORDAN!"