I Surprised My Girlfriend with a Rare Mercedes SLK55 AMG for Christmas

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 26, 2018
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  • R6-D2  5 months ago

    I gave my girlfriend my wife's old car.

  • Art Vandelay  3 days ago


  • 評価する  5 days ago


  • Edward Garix  5 months ago

    I’m not Doug Demuro, I don’t know what all those buttons do. Hahahahaha😂😂😂

  • 評価する  5 days ago

    doug demuro is way better

  • john m  9 days ago

    Doug Demuro aint no Hoovie! But I loved the comment.

  • NWT Jimbob  5 months ago

    Buys a 19000 mercedes with new tires. *instantly does a burnout* thats hoovie economics

  • Paul Wisdom  12 days ago

    In his wife's very very rare overpriced hard to find expensive to repair RED convertible......If this was me it would have broke before I got it to her :-)

  • Xantho Poulos  1 months ago

    Suomen Poliisi no better way of breaking them in, right? Or maybe just testing the cars limit

  • Yettymonkey  1 months ago

    Wait about 5 years and she will own half your car fleet 😂😂😂

  • Andy M  yesterday

    Half? hahahah only half?

  • lovesgibson  8 days ago

    Mgtow incel

  • Dan Adams  5 months ago

    In a dark room in Affalterbach, master engine builder *Tobias Hirsch* blinks a single tear away. This was his moment, all for naught.

  • PHILMKD1995  23 days ago

    Now he can retire a happy man.After his work of art has satisfied a couple with joy.

  • Daniël Voorst Van  2 months ago

    @Jens Harbers Muss zugeben ich bin auch kein Deutscher 😁 bin euer westlicher Nachbar 🤘🤘 Als Grenzgänger ist mein deutsch bescheiden😁

  • yokemonkey  5 months ago

    Nice Gift 👍. My wife gave me a Tesla Model 3,... and the payments 😳

  • Neojhun  2 months ago

    @The Rusty Hubcap US You are right it's not fair to compare Gasoline Cars to Electric. Electric is just way more powerful and quicker.https://fapgem.com/video/fWrUl3uemb4/video.html - 1224hp & 1180 lb/ft.

  • The Rusty Hubcap US  2 months ago

    Neojhun glad you’re thick head agrees with me for once

  • Daniël Learbuch  5 months ago

    I'm not saying she's mining for precious metals, but she's certainly not associating with males of lower financial status.

  • snotface8  13 days ago

    LOl dude the bitch is fire. of course she wants a dude with money. NO way would she fuck with a lame.. cmon bruh... chill out you admitting too much about yourself on the internet

  • Giannis Tsoupakis  21 days ago

    I kind of feel the same...

  • John Mooney  6 days ago

    Nothing like buying love 😆 I'd be his boyfriend too 😂

  • Hammer Yang  4 months ago

    Did she just drove at 90mph with high heels?

  • tenolamacintosh  4 months ago

    That car is breathtaking. Splendid automotive tribute to the nearly-obsolete, naturally-aspirated V8’s of yesteryear. Keep an eye out for the A/C compressor, and the coolant hoses. My CLK 55 AMG was astronomically expensive to repair for those two seemingly routine repairs.