Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial

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  • Published on:  Thursday, September 13, 2018
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  • Hava F
    Hava F  3 minutes ago

    1:55 I give up

  • JxC
    JxC  5 minutes ago

    Never forget the liquid hwite.

  • Korrie Jade
    Korrie Jade  6 minutes ago +1

    Bob Ross was and forever will be a legend! And should be referred to as none other than a legend.
    Have some fucking respect .

  • Filaret
    Filaret  9 minutes ago

    Очень православно,очень по христиански!

  • Nicole Richardson
    Nicole Richardson  19 minutes ago

    Jenna does asmr 101 😂😂❤️

  • IlliardBilliard
    IlliardBilliard  24 minutes ago

    Tbh, you did much better than I could've done. My only hobby is art, and yet, idk shit about painting.
    But I would say that the brushes used had a big part to play in how the painting turned out.

  • Jamie Sparks
    Jamie Sparks  25 minutes ago

    This was so fun! You did good!!!

  • Fern W
    Fern W  32 minutes ago

    I NEED more of these.

  • Ava  Spivak
    Ava Spivak  33 minutes ago

    hey not bad! it looks good!

  • Luomo Rocco
    Luomo Rocco  49 minutes ago

    Wow pretty impressed .. She did pretty well

  • Алина Нестерова

    That's very beautiful!!!))) 👍 👍 👍

  • David René Butcher

    The Power of Christ compels you... too funny Jenna

  • Yusupova Fevroniya


  • Caillen Billman
    Caillen Billman  an hour ago

    that actually looks so fucking good

  • Sam Summerson
    Sam Summerson  an hour ago

    We've finally seen where Kermit gets his nervousness. We saw it, briefly, in his mommy. This was hilarious and great and you actually did a really good job for like your first time painting???? Wtf

  • Mercy'sBookAddiction

    It's actually SO good Jenna, especially the foreground stuff.

  • Lucy M
    Lucy M  an hour ago


  • MrLarrend
    MrLarrend  an hour ago

    Bob ross is shaking

  • Katie Imperfect
    Katie Imperfect  an hour ago

    Wow she did amazing

  • TheGillebean
    TheGillebean  2 hours ago

    next time you gotta let the white primer dry more in the beginning. that's how he gets the blending.