Live coverage Panama Beach FL

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 10, 2018


  • nanerbeet
    nanerbeet  10 months ago +11

    If Jeff Piotrowski ever shows up in YOUR neighborhood, don't stick around...

  • ccranthony91
    ccranthony91  10 months ago +22

    Get to the carworsh!
    nothing but love for this channel

  • bigpaw64
    bigpaw64  10 months ago +5

    wheres the live stream? storm will be over soon ?????????

  • Michelle W
    Michelle W  10 months ago +8

    Give us an update? This storm looks like its coming straight to you. I pray you have a plan B in place.

  • Renee Swanson
    Renee Swanson  10 months ago +2

    Where is Jeff...been waiting on live video

  • Crow Migration
    Crow Migration  10 months ago +1

    Hope he got some good video. Honestly, I'd prefer full quality video instead of the livestreams.

  • Max Amillion
    Max Amillion  10 months ago +3

    If no footage is realeased from jeff then we know something else was or is going on. He could have still recorded video just like normal and then uploaded later when he had cell coverage. Someone maybe cut his feed for some reason. What's going on jeff. Do tell.....

  • Skeet Cutshall
    Skeet Cutshall  10 months ago +1

    Thank you for covering this! Stay Safe!

  • Kimberly Harrison
    Kimberly Harrison  10 months ago +2

    I heard from Jeff. He is safe and doesn’t have service Thank God he is Safe

  • Kimberly Harrison
    Kimberly Harrison  10 months ago +1

    Please Jeff let us know that you’re okay! Was watching on your PERISCOPE when the feed went down

  • Lori Perkins
    Lori Perkins  10 months ago +5

    Blue Shed!!!

  • All American
    All American  10 months ago +1

    Geszzus Kristen jeff. WHERE WERE YOU

  • denise kennedy
    denise kennedy  10 months ago +2

    hi is jeff still live i cant find him ?

  • MikesAquaDock
    MikesAquaDock  10 months ago +1

    Sunday, oct 14: Any word from Jeff?

  • scream carol
    scream carol  10 months ago

    We love you Jeff! Thanks for sharing 🙌🏼

  • Kimberly Harrison
    Kimberly Harrison  10 months ago +1

    Jeff are you okay!!!

  • Marco Viola
    Marco Viola  10 months ago +1

    too many houses in this video look unable to withstand the brunt of the hurricane. Panama City will be very close to the eyawall.

  • Mz Lee
    Mz Lee  10 months ago +1

    The only update channel I follow that gives real time footage and information. Thank you, and stay safe! 💜
    Edit: Just made landfall at Cat 4 or 5. I hope you're ok where you are, and you can update us on your status soon.

  • Harry Brown
    Harry Brown  10 months ago +1

    Went off line about an hour after this. Maybe it's just no cell coverage where he is. He was last seen on PSCP.TV in his car behind a WalMart and under an awning that was coming loose when the signal ended.

  • ThunderCat
    ThunderCat  10 months ago +3

    Your the BEST Jeff!!!!!