Doctor Takes on Game of Thrones! | Westeros Checkup

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 5, 2019

    I had to do it! It is the final season of an amazing, small, show called Game of Thrones or GOT for short. In this reaction video, I stay away from burn and crush injuries and instead focus on medical conditions found in the storyline. I was considering reacting to some of the super inaccurate medical stuff but I decided to focus on this style for now. If you want me to go into depth on the crazy physical ailments on the show please drop a line down below in the comments.

    I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Game of Thrones / Real Doctor Reacts to Game of Thrones. If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video series please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv show or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!

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  • Kiana Alexis
    Kiana Alexis  4 days ago

    So am I a dwarf? I’m exactly 4’10, both my parents are short, I also don’t have the bowed legs, short arms and legs, larger head etc and other characteristics, I look like a fully grown person, just mini, not like I was squished. People always freak out when I tell them my weight and my goal weight (85 pounds) but for me ten pounds looks like 50, whereas on a girl who’s 5’10 ten pounds looks like nothing, so even at 85 pounds I’d look almost exactly the same and it’d be a healthy weight for me

  • Joshua Blotzer
    Joshua Blotzer  4 days ago

    Dr. Mike, regarding Giants, i thought you might be interested to know that the tallest non-pathological giant was Angus MacAskill who grew to 7'9" tall and had a chest measurement of 80 inches.

  • Edward Snowden
    Edward Snowden  5 days ago

    I am confused. So talking about violence will get your video demonetized, but talking about incest and in-breeding is all okay? :D

  • Ashna Ashna
    Ashna Ashna  5 days ago

    0:33 wowwww he described her from A to Z🔥🔥😂😂😂😂

    MEME REVIEW  5 days ago

    t h e n o p a n t s d a n c e ?

    aaaaa i'm not a got fan but i am a mythology fan & a ukulele player. that's why i named my ukulele circe. yeah.. that one's fun to explain lmao

  • Todoroki Owo
    Todoroki Owo  6 days ago

    Ayyyyy scoliosis is what should have saved me from paralysis but due to the radiologist not red alerting my MRI I became a quadriplegic. Luckily I’m recovering but still fucked me hard.

  • Alby Vale
    Alby Vale  7 days ago

    Light humor warning* maybe her stroke caused her to Star in “Terminator Genysis”

  • randomisawesome
    randomisawesome  7 days ago

    Jeoffry is basically a sandwich because he is ....drumroll.. inbred
    k ill see myself out

  • Savannah Newton
    Savannah Newton  7 days ago

    I got a GOT ad on this video

  • MsAriesQueen
    MsAriesQueen  7 days ago

    This may be reallly hard to do, but could you go back to westeros for another video?
    It would be really cool to hear about the not so "important" characters that g rr martin wrote about. And first i know alot that he wrote were things he made up (im assuming here) say shareen bratheon as an example. Even if it is made up you could tell us if theres anything similar to it in our world lol

  • Terry Boyd
    Terry Boyd  7 days ago

    You should wear t-shirts more often!!!

  • Payton LaCroix
    Payton LaCroix  7 days ago

    Very late but I'm 4' 11", just passed the dwarfism height by an inch

  • Amira Benyagoub
    Amira Benyagoub  7 days ago +1

    I love it How u make me study when I don't even know it 😂😂

  • Jeroen Jager
    Jeroen Jager  7 days ago

    Haha you're such a treasure.

  • who’s_that_girl

    YES!! Please react to the medical scenarios in the show pleeeeeeease!

  • Paul H
    Paul H  14 days ago

    It was a bad idea to start watching this video while actually having a headache.

  • crimsinbutterfly
    crimsinbutterfly  14 days ago

    @ 00:35 ....what did he call her?!?

  • SuccessFairy
    SuccessFairy  14 days ago

    My uncle's were 7"4 and 7"2 but no tumors ✌

  • Valmik Sonawane
    Valmik Sonawane  14 days ago

    Mutation and evolution of humans would be great topic to discuss, with special series in your YouTube channel.

  • Charrell La-Shandra M

    Same thing happened to me June 19th 2013, and I was happy to know that she suffered because she was my favorite character.
    I’ve been going to get updated scans every year now. I have a second once but didn’t rupture like the first one.