CRAZY Golf Moments (Part 4)

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 6, 2019
  • If I figure out the algorithm again I'm gonna scream. Hope you guys enjoy it!


  • Silent Mind  2 months ago

    1. Thanks for not adding any bullshit music to this video.2. Thanks for starting this video with the thumbnail.You are a legend.

  • big MEMES  18 days ago

    Silent Mind 1k like

  • ManTa Ray  22 days ago

    Yeah True.

  • Chris Glienke  2 months ago

    Subscribed. Using the thumbnail as first clip bless you good sir

  • LordGandor3  1 months ago

    @Matthew Z. , I spoke to a former NFL linebacker who confirmed the games are rigged. Most will not speak about it because they have a pension & they don't want to get into trouble with the owners

  • Matthew Z.  1 months ago

    LordGandor3 so u r telling me that every single player and coach and ref involved in any sport knows this and yet not one out of thousands and thousands of people has told one single person about this so-called “rigging”

  • Ross Baillie  1 months ago

    After 9 seconds a ghost putted the ball

  • Dist Cx  24 days ago

    That ghost must have great touch

  • zefferss  25 days ago

    He used force pull.

  • Michael Humphries  2 months ago

    You are making some of the best golf compilations on youtube

  • jlash259  2 months ago

    biggest D hahaha you’re a fucking idiot. Do you believe all the conspiracy theory bullshit out there? But hey if a lunatic with a mental disorder post a video with free mason or illuminate in the title it must be true right? You’re a joke.

  • biggest D  2 months ago

  • Echo Zero  1 months ago

    It was really satisfying when the thumbnail loaded straight into the video

  • Mighty  16 days ago

    Came from wii sport resort golf 😂😂⛳

  • golfhoops  2 months ago

    I thought it couldn’t get any crazier than the first 3 videos.... I was wrong.

  • Kaleb South  2 months ago

    Deadass though 😂

  • 97channel  29 days ago

    Two birdies in a row is my record. I wish they'd stop getting in the way of my shots.

  • Zaindotea  26 days ago

    Very cool comment

  • Henry  26 days ago

    Wow this comment is amazing. Where did you come up with this comment?

  • Transcendent Studios  2 months ago

    Rickie Fowler more birdies in a row in one round than my last 10 rounds combined

  • sandlesocks  1 months ago

    Even if you're a decent golfer to pull out a birdie or two in a round, it's a whole nother thing to do it on a pro length course with greens faster than amateurs ever play on

  • Chris Stiff  1 months ago

    More birdies than my last ten yrs of golf!!!Doubled bogies are my constant handicap!

  • kakampi niyo ako  2 days ago

    Im so happy, not a click baited

  • tyler goetzman  2 months ago

    You got the algorithm; this came up like 6-7 times before i clicked it