2013 Moore Monster Tornado by Michael Lynn RAW ALL TCBI

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  • Published on:  Saturday, April 27, 2019
  • Join Me Michael Lynn as I go on an emotional chase of a life time only too see it go thru my town!! My sincere apologies in advance As I past a fire truck with a gut feeling something big was going to happen! also later on in the chase I dropped a (F) Bomb trying to get to My daughter Jenna Lynn... This tornado is featured in Tornado Alley Real Time Moore On TWC due to many request it is back up


  • Joe Schoe
    Joe Schoe  4 hours ago +1

    First I've seen of this. Did your house and family come through okay?

  • John Hasty
    John Hasty  yesterday +1

    That nader escalated very quickly, from funnel to Frankenstein in less than 60 seconds. 😳

  • JahariRacesAlot - Jahari_M_Doe

    It'll Be Perfect If You Got More Than 500K Views And 10K Likes.
    Glad You Made Out Of There Safely.

  • Steve Griffin
    Steve Griffin  3 days ago

    Its bc he repeats i got video of it 50 times.. and is basically panicking on the video..

  • ParanormalPat
    ParanormalPat  5 days ago +1

    5-star footage, you stayed on it. Hats off to you and thanks for this upload. What did you use for a video cam?

  • dead inside
    dead inside  7 days ago

    I remember this... I was 5 at the time.

  • LuLu G
    LuLu G  7 days ago +1

    This was such a traumatic experience, as an Oklahoman and a survivor of this incredible storm, the emotions that this video will FOREVER make me feel...omg the anxiety I got from him trying to contact Jenna 🤤 girl I'm so glad you were safe! The fear I have for the month of May 😢

  • Jon Hall
    Jon Hall  7 days ago

    7:27 “There’s power lines everywhere. I just went through some.” That’s hilarious and I feel awful for laughing on a video such as this cause my heart goes out to everyone that was effected.

  • Lisa Dillon
    Lisa Dillon  14 days ago +1

    Mr. Lynn you sir are awesome I'm glad you were safe

  • Timothy Whitten
    Timothy Whitten  14 days ago

    He’s not kidding

  • mirko laurenza
    mirko laurenza  14 days ago

    because in italy there isnt wow..

  • Tim McGreevy
    Tim McGreevy  14 days ago

    Once he knew it was heading for Moore he should have stopped filming and headed home to take care of family. Dumbass

  • Charlie Harjo
    Charlie Harjo  14 days ago

    You should have stopped when you saw that emegency vehicle, you got way too close to that thing. Please stop making a bad example for people, because somebody might see this video & think they want to be a storm chaser all of a sudden & end up caught up in RFD or a rain wrapped monster.

  • Smooth Move
    Smooth Move  21 days ago


  • Patty Harrison
    Patty Harrison  21 days ago +1

    I can't even imagine what you went threw I was in a tornado never will forget how black that sky turned and I was 9 years old at that I will never ever forget that I am so sorry you went threw that.

  • One World
    One World  21 days ago +1

    The stillness before the unleashing is indescribable.......especially away from traffic. We were driving west across Maryland's Eastern Shore, stopped for gas..... the color of the clouds alone was enough to tell you; the pea soup yellow is pretty distinctive, but the absolute absence of moving air, not one bird nor cricket making a sound....... "ominous". I'm definitely getting nervous, while my gf and her younger sister are telling me to chill....... nothing's gonna happen. The tornado warnings weren't watches...... sure enough, in the less-than-a-mile across the Choptank Bridge, we got a spectacle; a towering waterspout moved onto land and snatched up the black topsoil while two short, obese funnels formed over the marshes north of the bridge.
    I mention this because at 0:25 it was probably dead calm as he's looking for multiple vortexes. Calm-before-the-storm is quite real.

  • Diane Levine
    Diane Levine  21 days ago +1

    Best video of the Moore tornado I have seen.

  • Jim Cramer
    Jim Cramer  21 days ago +1

    I am glad to find the whole video by Mr Lynn. There are others in 2 parts. He put this video up several years ago in its entirety which is better by far.

  • Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman  21 days ago

    I'm going to remember the date May 3rd for the rest of my life thanks to this guy

  • Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman  21 days ago

    The guy filming kinda ruined the video, had to repeat everything he said 4 to 5 times