US Marine Breaks Down Military Movies | GQ

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 24, 2019
  • From U.S. Marine infantryman James Laporta breaks down famous scenes from war movies, including 'Jarhead,' 'Stripes,' 'Hacksaw Ridge,' 'Heartbreak Ridge' and 'Full Metal Jacket.'

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    US Marine Breaks Down Military Movies | GQ


  • kyle lindsey
    kyle lindsey  50 minutes ago

    This guy should be a teacher. He's very thorough and correct about most of this stuff.

  • Mis ericordiam
    Mis ericordiam  an hour ago

    So marines are tortured by sick, twisted, mentally ill superiors...what could go wrong.

  • Emmanuel Niyo
    Emmanuel Niyo  2 hours ago

    So everything is accurate

  • Michael Janeček
    Michael Janeček  6 hours ago

    Imagine killing for money and being proud of it.

  • Moga Deet
    Moga Deet  7 hours ago

    Gentlemen's Quarterly. Wearing a bracelet.

  • Hybrid_Robin
    Hybrid_Robin  10 hours ago

    He sounds like agent 00 this is accreate

  • hello456able
    hello456able  12 hours ago +1

    anyone who joins the army is a dickhead!!!

  • Kyle M
    Kyle M  12 hours ago

    And bitches are confused that people don’t wanna go into the army 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Sarah Davenport
    Sarah Davenport  12 hours ago

    No, the lowers where not plastic, or made by Mattel

  • PurpleKnight139
    PurpleKnight139  17 hours ago +1

    I appreciate how well spoken this man is. Thank you for breaking down these movies, and a million thank you’s for your service to this country.

  • Me is me not you
    Me is me not you  17 hours ago

    SERGEANT, DRILL SERGEANT??!?!?!!!!!!!??!?!

  • jp gamez
    jp gamez  19 hours ago

    6 years ago I was I marine core and a drill Sargent was doing something wrong and he was screamed at by a higher up it was so funny

  • Brody Hollingsworth
    Brody Hollingsworth  19 hours ago

    No sir sandwich!!!

  • TheMan
    TheMan  20 hours ago

    Why is he saying pause it if he has a control in his hand

  • Jon Murray
    Jon Murray  20 hours ago

    Had a buddy that joined the Marines in ‘65. Said Full Metal Jacket was nearly spot on.

  • Rainbows115 Dash
    Rainbows115 Dash  21 hours ago

    I thought he was watching Full Metal Jacket

  • Jamie
    Jamie  21 hours ago

    i would never join because of the sheer shenanigans that happen.

  • andrew valle
    andrew valle  22 hours ago

    Can we just get jocko to do all these

  • {vibes }
    {vibes }  23 hours ago

    Ha us marching band kids would be good doin that 😂

  • Doc Bogle
    Doc Bogle  23 hours ago

    Marine???? more like maroon.....