Why didn't Rhaegar and Lyanna say something?

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  • Published on:  Sunday, September 16, 2018
  • Why didn't Lyanna and Rhaegar say something to stop the descent into war they had inadvertantly started? And how was it that that one lie led so quickly to civil war?

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  • Kaleah Collins
    Kaleah Collins  21 days ago

    But ned knew. Because how he can keep secrets. I do believe ned didnt like it because of their duty to the family. But ned took in jon even at his in cost ( his reputation)

  • Tess d'Urberville
    Tess d'Urberville  1 months ago

    Two of the most selfish people that I have ever encountered and I have been surrounded by narcissists for most of my life.

  • Greeneyelove
    Greeneyelove  1 months ago

    Someone pointed me to these videos. I mentioned in another that I never understood why they didn't tell the truth and how it all went to hell and this makes so much sense. Seriously. I can see Littlefinger setting so much of the mess into motion.

  • basquat76
    basquat76  2 months ago

    The second Lyannas father and brother died there's nothing they could say to stop it.

  • Ever Fragoso
    Ever Fragoso  2 months ago

    Lyanna the homewrecker

  • Sarcastic Sid
    Sarcastic Sid  2 months ago

    Littlefinger was the ultimate player hater

  • agnat86
    agnat86  6 months ago

    Oh come on, this is going way too far into Rhaegar/Lyanna-apologist territory. Of COURSE Rhaegar could have known he risked war by running away with the betrothed of the Lord of Storm's End and sister of the (notoriously impulsive) heir to Winterfell. They also knew what the Mad King was capable of. It's not as if they "couldn't have known all this would happen." They could, they probably did, but they run away together anyway. Probably because they were young and foolish, comparable with Robb and Jeyne Westerling later.

  • Anselm Carasco
    Anselm Carasco  7 months ago

    Rheagar was a jackass he didn't care for his children and wife. If he did he would have secured their safety. Leanna was a whore chasing a married guy.

  • ezio auditor
    ezio auditor  7 months ago

    Lyanna is a slut

  • lifeishooey
    lifeishooey  7 months ago

    Well, Lyanna was betrothed to Robert so. that was not the lie. the lie was the kidnap and rape of Lyanna by Rhaegar, and I think Robert was the one who started the lie, and perhaps Rhaegar and Lyanna died before they had a chance to find out the lie existed.

  • Jimmy McNulty
    Jimmy McNulty  7 months ago

    Very stupid move by Brandon.

  • Paige Smith
    Paige Smith  7 months ago

    Brilliant. New sub. Can't wait to watch more!

  • Luan Oliveira
    Luan Oliveira  7 months ago


  • Jay Soulreaper
    Jay Soulreaper  7 months ago

    If i was ned stark i would kill john snow and kill lyanna . Those are the reason for his brother and father's death . After done never talk of it .

  • theresia2012
    theresia2012  7 months ago

    This stark thing of thrm having hot temper is what did them in. In battle you use your enemies weakness to your advantage. He also did the same to the Lannisters their lust for power is what did them in as well!

  • Денис Мурин

    Littlefinger lying to Brandon Stark, starting Robert’s Rebellion and realizing “Oh shit, I DID THIS” and becoming a man we see in books and TV show makes sooooo much sense. Mind blown!

  • beachpups umina
    beachpups umina  7 months ago +5

    They knew that their relationship would cause a fuss", is a wonderful understatement 😀 I love your commentaries ,always interesting and intelligently told. Thanks

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith  7 months ago +64

    Wild that Littlefinger caused 2 civil wars

  • captain spaulding
    captain spaulding  7 months ago

    A lot can happen in 3 fort nights cant wait for the shows to come

  • The Warmind
    The Warmind  8 months ago

    Let's be clear about this... Everything is Little Finger's fault!! EVERYTHING lol